Gluten Free Goodies

Higher-protein, lower-glycemic, gluten-free options that everyone can love.

Gluten free cookies

Enjoy pure coconut paradise with our dense, chewy, almond-kissed macaroons, dipped in dark chocolate for a lip-smacking treat.
(No wheat flour; contains egg-whites and nuts)
$18 per dozen

honeybee brownies

A hint of almond, the sweetness of honey
and handfuls chocolate will have you buzzing
for more.
(No wheat flour or egg; contains nuts)
$18 for 6 (1 doz. minimum)

Fauxtmeal Cookies

When oats are off-limits, these almost-better-than-the-real-thing cookies will satisfy your craving for sweet, slightly-spiced comfort.
(No wheat flour, egg or dairy; contains nuts)
$18 per dozen

Cinnamon Pecan Blondies

With loads of cinnamon chips and roasted pecans, you’ll never know these thick, cakey wonders are high-protein & gluten-free.
(No wheat flour, egg or dairy; contains nuts)
$18 for 6 (1 doz. minimum)

better bananamAGIC bread

Just like its classic cousin, you’ll eat slice after slice until “poof!” it’s all gone.
(No wheat flour or nuts)

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