Sweet Stuff


Chocolate Chunkers

It’s impossible to resist these big, soft, chewy cookies with chunks of dark chocolate & a hint of pure vanilla.
$10 for 8

oh my oatmeal cookies

Molasses, Craisins, white chocolate & Vietnamese cinnamon elevate this classic lunchbox cookie to legendary status.
$10 for 8

Scratch Signature Butter Shorties

Part shortbread, part butter cookie, all
rolled in sparkling raw sugar and baked
to golden perfection.
$10 per dozen

chocolate obsession cookies

With the bold flavors of cocoa and cardamom, this modern version of my grandmother’s classic recipe is sure to get you hooked.
$10 for 8


Bars of All Kinds

blonde bobbies

Some blondies do have more fun, especially when they’re packed with butterscotch, white chocolate & macadamia nuts.
$18 per dozen

What the Fudge? Brownies

Betty Crocker, eat your heart out. Even die-hard mix masters can’t resist these these smooth, fudgey, perfectly crackle-topped confections.
$14 for 6 (1 doz. minimum)

Naughty & Nice Spiced Brownies

They’ve been called “mysterious” & “the best brownies in the known universe,” but let your own tongue decide—if it can handle the heat.
$18 for 6 (1 doz. minimum)

Two Twisted Twixels

Our take on the famous candy-cookie combo adds a bonus layer of pretzel for the perfect mix of salty & sweet.

$24 per dozen

Pecan Pah' Bars

Y’all will fall in love with the buttery crust, crunchy pecans and gooey caramel in our southern-inspired treat.
$18 for 6 (1 doz. minimum)

other sweet goods

Other Good Stuff

everyday rugelach

They’re not just for special occasions, with bold, new flavors like apricot cardamom, raspberry coconut & Nutella.
$12 per dozen


Enjoy pure coconut paradise with our dense, chewy, almond-kissed macaroons, dipped in dark chocolate for a lip-smacking treat.
$18 per dozen

nightcap cakes

Add a swirl of Bailey’s Irish Buttercream to
dark chocolate mini-cupcakes, and you get
an everyday favorite that’s all grown up.
$12 per dozen (2 doz. minimum)